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Welcome to Boland Dry Ice

About Us

Our story begins in 2006 when we opened for business.  At first we started out as a manufacturer of wet ice but soon we expanded our business to include dry ice production as well.

We always strive to meet and exceed the demands and needs of our clients. Therefore our company also provides Dry Ice Blasting services and Wet Ice Blasting services, the latest addition to the Boland Dry Ice family.

At Boland Dry Ice we have state of the art freezing facilities and therefore when we identified the need for a reliable producer of frozen food and juice we did not hesitate to grab the opportunity with both hands.  We now offer our clients a wide variety of frozen food and a great selection of juice flavours to choose from.

We invite you to have a look at our services so you may see for yourself how we  are able to assist you.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries.